An ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company
About us
Middle East Rubber Manufacturing LLC (MER) located in AL Quoz Industrial Area and Jebal Ai Industrial Area , of rapidly growing Dubai, the current international hub of all activities, catering the Middle East countries for its requirements of various industrial products. Company is engaged in the production of custom made extruded and moulded rubber products and associated engineering works. Company was established by a strong and outstanding engineering with vast experience in manufacturing rubber and engineering products for different application.

To provide the customer high quality rubber products confirming to the international standards which ensure high precision, good chemical stability and high resistance to adverse condition.

Material Specification & Compounding

MRE use the listed and approved compounds for the manufacture of products. Our inhouse chemist are capable enough to design the compound to meet the specific application and at same time with desired properties complying with various standards such as BS, ASTM, DIN etc

MRE has consistently been ahead of its time in meeting increasingly rigorous time tested quality and performance standards in a diverse range of industries

1) Lot and Batch Testing
2) Chemical and Physical Testing
3) Ageing Analysis
4) Ozone Analysis
5) Smoke and Toxicity formulation
6) Custom formulation to meet specific requirement

Hardness is an important parameter in rubber compounding and products.

The Durometer is the international standard instrument used to measure hardness of rubber like material. Durometers measures hardness penetration of an indentor into the rubber sample and the calibrated reading is expressed in a number value . The hardness values are always expressed of plus or minus five points and generally in a share A scale.