An ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company
Conveyor Belts
600 89 X 220 X 230 76 X 700 X 740
750 89 X 290 X 320 89 X 850 X 890
800 89 X 315 X 345 89 X 900 X 940
1000 102 X 380 X 410 89 X 1100 X 1140
1200 114 X 465 X 515 102 X 1350 X 1450
Steel Fabrication & Erection

MEM offers General steel fabrication can encompass all fabrication processes such as bending, rolling, forming, cutting, welding, slitting, punching etc... The raw material using as per customers requirement.

Cutting methods may include laser cutting, plasma cutting, oxy profile cutting, water jet cutting, or hand cutting methods.

Welding and joining methods may include TIG welding, MIG welding, manual arc welding, brazing, soldering, and bolting. Fabrication in general can refer to many types of industries and ranges of construction size.

Fabrication can be from light fabrication to heavy fabrication. Industries can include mining, shipbuilding, , infrastructure, structural, agriculture, electrical equipment, transport equipment and a whole range of other industries.

Also we are under taking the erection works at site for plants either fabricated by us or provided by the external agencies. :