An ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company
With GI insert & W/o Yellow strip
SR.No MER Code Standard Sizes:
1 CRG50 50mm x 50mm
2 CRG65 65mm x 65mm
3 CRG75 75mm x 75mm
4 CRG90 90mm x 90mm
5 CRG100 100mm x 100mm
6 CRG120 120mm x 120mm
With GI Insert & Yellow strip
1 CRG75Y 75mm x 75mm
2 CRG90Y 90mm x 90mm
3 CRG100Y 100mm x 100mm
4 CRG120Y 120mm x 120mm
Adhesive W/o Yellow strip
1 CRG75A 75mm x 75mm
2 CRG90A 90mm x 90mm
3 CRG100A 100mm x 100mm
4 CRG120A 120mm x 120mm
Adhesive With Yellow Strip
1 CRG90AY 90mm x 90mm
2 CRG100AY 100mm x 100mm
3 CRG125AY 125mm x 125mm
4 CRG140AY 140mm x 140mm
Chamfered Type
1 CRG100CH 100mm x 100mm
2 CRG120CH 120mm x 120mm