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Marine Fenders
Extruded out of high quality impact resistant rubber, Fenders are installed on marine vessels, Landing ports and Marine oil field Platforms as protective devices against possible mutual collision. The nature of fenders with respect to size, design, compound combination etc varies with the nature of surfaces to be protected with it.

We are capable of manufacturing all kinds of Marine Fenders for varied applications, using different polymers, confirming the requisite specification for desired purposes.

The suitable Fenders installed at critical areas of berth or vessels protect the port structure as well as vessels during berthing.. Our well qualified and experienced Rubber technologists supported by innovative Engineering team can deliver any kind of customized products in addition to the usual ones.

Different varieties of Fenders available with us are detailed below


D-Fenders also known as Profile Fenders are the most commonly used one in marine field. Simplicity in installation and operation make this unique and economical.

Specification Of D-Fenders
No Product Code Base Width (m m) Height (m m) Wall Thickness (m m)
1 M D F-70 70 70 12
2 M D F-90 90 90 15
3 M D F100 100 100 18
4 M D F-125 125 125 25
5 M D F-150 150 150 30
6 M D F-200 200 200 45
7 MDF-250 250 250 60
8 MDF-300 300 300 25
9 M D F-70-40 70 40 12
10 M D F -70-35 70 35 10
11 M D F-120-45 120 45 12
12 M D F-150-75 MD 150 75 12
13 M D F-150-100 150 100 20
14 M D F-200-90 200 90 22
Cyindrical fenders
Cylindrical fenders are economical, easy to install. Cylindrical fenders are highly suitable when the incoming vessels are of various sizes.

Boat fenders
We design and deliver Boat fenders for vessels as well as Boat landing harbors /yards and Dry docks. Depending upon the nature of surface of the berth and the vessel, it can be of D-fender, Arch, and Flat etc. Various types of tug boat fenders are also available.

Square Fenders
Square fenders such as key- hole type, S O type etc, for marine and oil field applications are manufactured by us.NR, EPDM, Nitrile based products suitable to specific conditions can be provided on customer’s request

These Fenders are molded under high load in special hydraulic press. The higher deflection and better energy/ reaction ratio makes it superior to other varieties. Can be fixed to any type of berthing structure. Mounting surface reinforced with GI/SS, in UHMW facing, provide perfect fixing option.W-fenders are available in standard size sand as per customer’s requirements.
Product Code A MM B MM C MM D MM E MM F MM K MM P MM Weight kg/m
EW 32 x 20 320 200 280 180 100 67 50 17 51
EW 40 x 25 400 250 350 220 110 75 55 20 81
EW 48 x 30 480 300 420 265 135 90 65 25 116
EW 50 x 45 500 450 420 250 90 100 75 25 178
Arch fenders
This marine protective device is ideal for vessels of high hull pressure and for locations of minimum mounting space. We offer a wide range in this category, besides customized design. Bolted and bonded fixing options with UHMW facing are available.