An ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company
Production Process

The Rubber Compound are processed as final products by either moulding or by extrusion methods.The choice of process depends on a number of factors including size,shape and function of the part as well as anticipated quantity,type,and cost of raw materials.

Moulded rubber products are made by compression moulding,or transfer moulding techniques are further classified as homogenous rubber,fabric re-enforced and rubber to metal products.Unique capabilities include our ability to manufacture large and fully moulded parts in our big presses.Moulded products include various types of gaskets,seats,rubber to metal bonded articles,etc.

Extruded products are made by the method of hot or cold feed extrusion and vulcanized by autoclave curing.Economical Standard shapes and custom profiles can be manufactured to any configuration.MER extruded rubber product includes O-ring chords,corner guards,fenders etc,and different other profiles in various lengths.

Complete inhoue production of most tooling not only acceleartes turnaround time it also controls cost.Own tool room allows us the flexibility of reverse engineering and design modifications at a faster speed,by our well qualified engineers and highly skilled technicians who are working round the clock to meet the customer's demand in the stipulated schedule.Inhouse facilities include complete CAD mould design and engineering assistance associated with adequate machining of latest technologies.


Precision Tolerance

Creating Prototypes

Reverse Engineering

Product Design and Development

Personalized Attention

Large Productin Run