An ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company
W/o Yellow strip
SR.No MER Code Standard Sizes:
1 WG10025 100mm x 25mm
2 WG10030 100mm x 30mm
3 WG10040 100mm x 40mm
4 WG12025 120mm x 25mm
5 WG12030 120mm x 30mm
6 WG13050 130mm x 50mm
7 WG15020 150mm x 20mm
8 WG15030 150mm x 30mm
9 WG20015 200mm x 15mm
10 WG20025 200mm x 25mm
11 WG20030 200mm x30mm
12 WG20040 200mm x 40mm
13 WG20050 200mm x 50mm
14 WG200100 200mm x 100mm
15 WG25025 250mm x 25mm
16 WG30020 300mm x 20mm
With Single Yellow strip
1 WG20025Y 200mm x 25mm
2 WG20030Y 200mm x 30mm
3 WG20040Y 200mm x 40mm
4 WG20050Y 200mm x 50mm
With Double Yellow strip
1 WG20050YY 200mm x 50mm
2 WG20025YY 200mm 25mm
3 WG30025YY 300mm x 25mm